11 Necessities For A Ski Trip

If you’re like me, you’re so excited about the ski trip that you can’t wait to get your bag packed. Even for you slacker packers that are throwing stuff together the night before departure, here is a quick and dirty checklist of 11 items that might be easy to forget, but are necessities for a ski trip that you must pack!Necessities for a ski trip

  • Necessities for a ski trip #1 Ski gear – Okay, it might sound absolutely too obvious to pack your skis, but believe me this has happened before. But what I’m talking about is thinking through what ski gear you want to bring. Don’t just grab any pair – make sure you check the snow and weather conditions to see what type of equipment will suit you best (i.e. fat powder skis or easy all mountain carvers).


  • Necessities for a ski trip #2 Sunglasses – You’ve got to protect your peepers, especially in high-mountain terrain. The snow magnifies the sun’s intensity making it even more critical to wear those shades.  If you prefer, you can always take goggles.


  • Necessities for a ski trip #3 Chapstick – Sun, snow, wind, and high altitude often make people prone to chapped lips so be sure to throw a stick or two of chapstick in your travel bag before your depart. If you don’t, you may end up paying hefty fees ($7 a pop) for chapstick at resort prices.


  • Necessities for a ski tripNecessities for a ski trip #4 Sunscreen – Similarly, don’t forget your sunscreen. Just because it’s cold and cloudy outside does NOT mean you can’t get burned. In fact, sunlight rays are more intense the higher the elevation so skiers often get burned unknowingly.  There’s nothing like a sunburned face with goggle lines.


  • Necessities for a ski trip #5 Extra socks – You can never pack enough ski socks on a ski trip so be sure to pack extras. I always carry a couple of pairs of thin ski socks and a few that are more hefty so I can tailor my sock choice to the weather and conditions.


  • Necessities for a ski trip #6 Snow boots – You may be at low elevation when you depart where sneakers and regular shoes reign supreme, but those shoes might not be so practical up in the high terrain. Be sure to pack a pair of snow boots for the winter weather conditions.


  • Necessities for a ski trip #7 Turtleneck – Don’t forget to throw your turtleneck back into your ski bag before you leave, especially if the temps are going to be low and the conditions windy. Turtlenecks can be a life-saver on the mountain!


  • Necessities for a ski trip #8 Apres wear – Pack something easy and fun for après ski fun! A cozy hat, fleece and even a pair of pants to slip into are perfect and feel great after a long day of being bundled up.


  • Necessities for a ski trip #9 Swimsuit – I always seem to forget this one. Ski vacations are chocked full of hot tubs and heated pools so be sure to bring your swimming gear along for the ride.


  • Necessities on ski trip #10 Snacks – Unless you want to pay premium prices on the mountain for food, snacks and beverages, I suggest packing an array of quick, easy, and nutritious snacks like granola bars and nuts so you can stay nourished on the cheap.


  • Necessities on a ski tip #11 Hydration pack – You can get really dehydrated on the mountain. Some people carry a water bottle to quench their thirst. I like my strap-on hydration pack that sits conveniently on my back just like a backpack.

Nobody likes packing, but follow this list and your ski vacation is already off to a great start. Oh – and don’t forget to pack the essentials either – i.e. clothes, sleeping gear, toiletries, your packed ski boot bag, etc.! Happy powder hunting!