About Me

About Me

Hello, my name is Kary and I guess it would be safe to say that I am a ski “aholic.”

I like to talk about skiing, I like to read about skiing and I certainly LOVE to ski.  My idea of a fun afternoon is hanging out at the local ski shop and listening to the sales representatives discuss all the ski equipment necessary in order to enjoy and excel in the sport.

My favorite pastime is  just watching and listening to my favorite boot fitters with their customers.  Not only do I love skiing, but I love learning everything I can about the equipment from goggles, helmets, apparel, etc.

The reason I started this web site is to share with you all of the tidbits I have learned in my skiing journey.  Some tidbits and tricks, I have learned the hard way, some through pure determination and others with blood, sweat and tears and of course some just fell into my lap.  Maybe my hard knock lessons about skiing can help you cut the corners to improve your turn or help you decide what would be best for your level of skiing and needs.

I would really enjoy having Skizzam’s readers get involved with the site.  I appreciate your feedback, your experiences and opinions.

Please make sure you visit my site often as I will be putting together updates frequently with all kinds of reviews, ideas and tips.

Thank you for stopping by,



Email:  Kary@skizzam.com