Go Pro Camera Review


GoPro Hero 3 and GoPro Hero 3+ In this day and age, there are tons of different helmet cameras on the market for skiers and snowboarders.  With updates and upgraded models, it can be overwhelming to select which camera fits your needs and most importantly your budget.  For me, that changed recently, after trying out a GoPro Hero camera.  Put ...

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Ski Boot Bag

There is a lot to love about skiing but the hassle of storing, carrying and traveling with all of the necessary equipment isn’t one of them.  This is why well-designed ski and boot bags are an added benefit for skiers.

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Ski Goggles-Your Lens Color Guide

Skiing - reflection of happy family on ski vacation

When purchasing equipment for the slopes, ski goggles are one of your most important purchases. Having appropriate clothing is certainly key, but if you are unable to see properly, your day of skiing can be devastated. Goggles, whether for skiing or snowboarding, protect your eyes from natural elements such as UV rays from sunlight, cold air and pelting snow.

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