Skiing Exercises For Off Season Conditioning

Off Season Ski Conditioning

Ski season has made its final bow, but your skiing exercise program should continue.  In fact, the off-season is the perfect time to tweak your ski workout routines.  The best skiing exercises are those that have a direct transfer of training to your sport.

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Go Pro Camera Review


GoPro Hero 3 and GoPro Hero 3+ In this day and age, there are tons of different helmet cameras on the market for skiers and snowboarders.  With updates and upgraded models, it can be overwhelming to select which camera fits your needs and most importantly your budget.  For me, that changed recently, after trying out a GoPro Hero camera.  Put ...

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Monoski Descent at Big Sky

During my research for our trip to Big Sky Resort, I came across this video. I find this video so inspiring and tears coming to my eyes every time I watch this.  I wanted to share Jamey’s determination and accomplishment with you.  Enjoy!

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Big Sky Resort

The "Big" At It's Best

This year we have decided to check off  skiing “The Big” from our bucket list.   Most families head to warmer climates and sandy beaches for their Spring break,  but we opted for a family ski trip to Big Sky Resort in Montana.   As this trip gets closer, we are all getting more and more excited about experiencing first ...

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Ski Boot Bag

There is a lot to love about skiing but the hassle of storing, carrying and traveling with all of the necessary equipment isn’t one of them.  This is why well-designed ski and boot bags are an added benefit for skiers.

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