Gerbing Heated Clothing

Just last week I had my first opportunity to touch, feel and wear Gerbing heated clothing.  Not only am I impressed, I am downright giddy by the quality, fit and design.

For over 40 years Gerbing has been fine tuning their technology for keeping the outdoor adventurer warm whether it be while hunting, golf, skiing, riding a motorcycle or attending the cold football game and it sure shows.  There is no doubt they have gone the extra mile with their technology and fabric selections for keeping the outdoor lover warm, it is obvious they have thought of everything in their development.

Gerbing 7v Battery

Gerbing 7v Battery

Gerbing calls their warming system the Coreheat7 System, which has a long lasting (up to ten hours) rechargeable 7.4 volt battery and the Coreheat7 Microprocessor that contains controlled power cells.  Set on the high, the warming coils will reach 135 degrees and the battery will last for three hours.  My experience was that set on Med/Low at 105 degrees, I was toasty warm and the battery’s lasting power was around six hours.  These batteries are small enough that you don’t notice them in your pocket or in the  cuff of the mittens/gloves.

Gerbing offers a full line of styles and colors, but here are some favorites:

  • Heated Mittens
  • Heated Gloves
  • Heated Vests
  • Heated Jackets
  • Heated Shells
  • Heated Sock Liners
  • Heated Pant Liners
  • Heated Golf Cart Seat Cover
  • Heated Stadium Seat Cushion

Most of the clothing features are:

  • Wind Resistant
  • Water Resistant
  • Accessible media pocket for mobile phone/MP3 player.
  • Adjustable drawcord to keep warmth in and cold out.
  • Ultralight shell that resists tears and abrasion.
  • Warranty and additional information.

The fabrics are high quality and soft which I find helps with range of movement.  The cuts are flattering for any figure and their clothing fits true to size.

Gerbing has four heating coils in the vests and jackets.  One panel on each side of the chest, one on the back panel and I was most excited about the heating coil in the collar.  Yes, you read that correctly, there is a heating panel in the collar.

I was blown away by the Women’s Puffer (also available in a mens version) and Gerbing has thought of all the bells and whistles to add to this 800 down filled Coreheat7  jacket.

Gerbing Puffer Jacket

Gerbing Puffer Jacket

  • For low bulk and high flexibility they used Thermovelocity Protection.
  • The sleeve cuffs are telescoping lycra with thumb loops.
  • Water, wind and abrasion repellant shell
  • In Pocket heat control
  • Accessible media pocket
  • 3 stylish color choices (may I have one of each color, please?)

Have you considered purchasing heated clothing?   If so, where would you use it the most?  A day on the slopes, fall golfing or a cold outdoor activity?