Hotronic Boot Warmers

Who likes toasty warm feet when they ski?  I believe we all like to stay out on the slopes for as long as time allows.  Even before this year’s frigid winter, I was always in search of the perfect way to keep my feet consistently warm while I’m skiing.

Of course, there are the Grabbers that you shake up, attach to your sock and then insert in your boot.  These seem to bunch up on my sock and changed the feel of my boot fit.  Yes, they work, but I was looking for something that was an all day heater and wouldn’t effect the fit of my boot.  So, I started my search at my favorite ski shop and boot guy.

Hotronic e4

Hotronic Boot Warmers

After a bit of discussion, I purchased the Hotronic Boot Warmer system.  I had the e4 Power Plus Foot Warmers installed right then and there.

The good news is, these warmers can be installed even if you have a custom footbed in your boots and you won’t feel the heating elements either.

What comes inside the box?

You will find two e4 batteries, two heating elements, a charger that conveniently charges both batteries at the same time, along with the operating instructions and warranty information.  In order to attach them to your ski boots, you will also need to purchase the mounting brackets.  With a little tweaking, we were even able to attach the brackets to my upgraded booster strap.


These batteries are cold temperature operated with NiMH cells.  They have four settings with LED displays and buttons to conveniently adjust the temperature and turn off.   If your battery is set on low, the battery life is 16-19 hours and when set on high the battery life is 2-4 hours.  The setting that I typically use is 2 and I find the battery life is about 7-9 hours.  If you needed a longer duration of ski time, Hotronic does sell additional batteries that you could switch out mid-day.

Hotronic BatteryLevel 4 is the highest setting and has a convenient timed setting.  The timed setting will “reset” after three minutes of use.  I must admit, level 4 is almost too warm.

The batteries can be positioned in several places, but I chose to have them placed on the side instead of the back of the boot. This placement helped eliminate the possibility of chairlifts hitting and breaking them.

The charger has a red or green light.  When the charger lights green, you know that you have a full charge.  This charger also prevents overcharging.

If you get cold feet, I would highly recommend ski boot warmers.  I am really happy with my purchase.  

Do you have boot warmers?  If you do, what brand did you select?  Did you have them installed by a boot fitter or did you install them yourself?



  1. SO even with a proper fitting boot the toes can be cold? I was hoping I could get toasty warm toes with an adjustment to the boot fit. I figured that the boot was too tight in the wrong places and that blocked circulation which makes my toes cold.

    • Hi Tami, yes, even with proper fitting boots, your feet could still be cold. The first place to start would be proper fitted boots, socks, and custom footbeds because they do help with warmth and good circulation. But, I must admit that I turn on my heaters even when it’s 30 degrees out. As this site develops I will begin to talk about the importance of foot pressuring within the boots to make solid, complete flowing turns and for me, a warm foot helps with these techniques. Also, keep in mind that this winter was very, very cold and I think even skiers that didn’t typically have cold feet found that they struggled staying warm. I’m sure that it is safe to say that ski shops sold record numbers of boot warmers this year.