Ski Boot Bag

There is a lot to love about skiing but the hassle of storing, carrying and traveling with all of the necessary equipment isn’t one of them.  This is why well-designed ski and boot bags are an added benefit for skiers.

The makers of the “women’s” Transpack XTW,  Transpack TRV, TRV ProTranspack Edge and Transpack XT1 boot and gear bag claim that it is “perfect for transporting your gear to the slopes in comfort and style”.  And I couldn’t agree more!

Transpack has attractive, fashionable and stylish bags with the use of durable fabrics in a variety of colors and designs.  They also offer floral or plaid patterns.  Most buyers – female or otherwise – are actually looking for great storage options, a high level of protection for their equipment and a design that makes transportation easier.  Luckily, this Transpack Ski Boot Bag is proven to offer all three of these important benefits and its appeal goes way beyond any aesthetic qualities.

TRV  Ski Boot BagPlenty of useful storage options

 The first benefit to discuss has to be the storage because it has such a clever design and large volume.  These bags measure at an impressive 2400 cubic inches and measure 17 inches high x 17 inches wide x 17 inches deep.  Transpack has cleverly created and designed these bags so that everything you need to pack will fit with ease.  

Each piece of equipment actually has its own, specialized compartment.   Buyers, including myself,  have complimented this product and the way it easily holds their helmet, boots, spare clothing, water bottle and personal items – often with room to spare – and while this is partly due to the inclusion of the mesh side pockets, top lid pocket and the secure internal pocket, the main advantage has to be the use of the ‘Isosceles Storage System’.

What is Isosceles Storage System?

This carefully designed system is a set of pockets that ensures precise and simple storage for the most essential items: the boots, mittens/gloves and helmet.  The helmet sits snugly in the middle compartment and the boots are placed to the side with the intention of diverting the weight of the boots away from the body for improved comfort.  User testimonials suggest that this Transpack Ski Boot Bag really does work: one interesting review comes from a happy roller derby participant who, even though she doesn’t ski, loves this ski bag because she found that these pockets are also ideal for skates. This comfort is a must when transporting the equipment long distances or from your car to the slopes.

Easier transportation

The ability to put every item a skier could want into one bag is great but that bag also needs to be designed well enough so that it can be carried from point A to B with ease, no risk of pain and no time wasted.   Transpack bags definitely provide this comfort and ease of use by adding little details into the bag like closed cell padding in the back, which should help ensure that the helmet and other items do not cause any discomfort, and what Transpack calls the ‘double locking, self-repairing nylon coil zippers’. This is basically a fancy name for a special slider on top of the zip that smooths out any problems and reduces the need to fiddle about with rebellious zippers in the snow or leave the bag partly open.

Another advantage that has been mentioned in numerous user reviews for these Transpack Ski bags is the idea that this is a “one size fits all” type of product. This aspect could very easily have been added to the section on storage but it has a lot to do with the helpful adjustably of the neoprene padded shoulder straps. Because of this simple feature, buyers that have originally bought this ski bag for their young children – have used it just as easily themselves.

Kids Transpack Ski Boot Bag

Ski Boot Bag

Each member in my family has their own Transpack boot and gear bag.  These amazing bags keep us organized, help each of us carry our own equipment (a key when skiing with kids) to our local resorts or in the airport for our skiing excursions outside of Michigan.

Ski Boot Bag

Functionality of a Ski Boot Bag.



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